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Work Experience

Our expertise is in implementing all kinds of hyper-realistic designs, classic and modern, and we have more than 15 years of experience in implementing successful projects in Iran.
Our team consists of experienced people and professionals in different fields such as patina and plaster, mirror work, decorative painting, wallpaper and Italian color implementation. We are also able to create ideas and implement exclusive and unique designs.

Our Services


Patina means rust and oldness and is known as an art of aging in the science of architecture.


Stucco plaster is the reliefs that are designed and executed with the creativity of plaster artists according to the needs of the building.

Mirror work

Mirror work is actually small pieces of mirrors that are glued together in different shapes, including geometric ones, and create a bright and beautiful atmosphere in houses and buildings.

Decorative painting

Decorative painting is performed on the ceiling, walls and columns of buildings. The decorative painting is designed according to the execution style of the building and is executed directly on the building.


Using wallpaper in many cases in houses or buildings can create a beautiful and attractive combination.

Italian color

The quality and durability of color is very important in the implementation of various designs in interior decoration. The Italian color will give a unique effect to the work in all kinds of patinas and paintings.